SOLOTEX™, innovative cationic polyester, 100% PPT (Polyterephthalate) the only polyester staple fiber that being ENTIRELY PTT, dyes at 95 with disperse dyestuff. In addition to this peculiar characteristic , the filament or yarn produced with SOLOTEX (a joint venture between TEIJIN and ASAHI KASEI, two of the leading japanese companies in the syntethic textile business) appears to have a comfort, a softness and an elastic memory much emproved if compared to a T400 polyester or to nylon.

The staple fiber is produced in :
den 1,1 1,7 2,2, the length of the fiber is 38mm.

For what concerns the filaments, the following are the counts currently produced :
40T/24, 56T/24, 84T/36, 84T/24, 167T/72, 167T/48, 334T/96
all made with conjugated fiber.